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Yellowstone Country Motors

1415 West Park Street
Livingston, MT 59047

  • Sales: (877) 835-7597
  • Service: (866) 819-1325
  • Parts: (866) 682-6115

Customer Reviews

What are customers are saying about Yellowstone Country? 

    -Chris R. 09/10/14 Belgrade MT

"Great experience all the way around. Finance gal is smokin' hott!"
    -Jeff C. 08/07/14 Bozeman, MT

"It was very good. No hassle, just got the deal done."
    -Brian H. 8/4/14 Livingston, MT

"Buying experience was great. Charles was beyond helpful"
    - Honey W.  08/04/14 Livingston, MT

    -Rachel P. 8/2/14 Livingston, MT

"Went very well, no pressure!"
    -Karen C. 7/31/14 Bozeman, MT

"Great experience, no pressure or hassles. Very fair! Thank you."
    -Royann Wolfe 7/28/14 Boulder, MT

"Very good"
    -Richard W. 07/25/14 Gardiner, MT

"Awesome again! Thanks so much!!"
    -Nancy S. 07/25/14 Emigrant, MT

"Wonderful :) "
    - Jennifer H. 7/22/14 Livingston, MT

"Awesome-  Bryan and Jessica made it all easy and a pleasure!! Thank you!"
    -Nancy S. 07/21/14 Emigrant, MT

"Jamie is awesome. I appreciate the time everyone took to answer questions and address concerns"
    -Catherine K. 07/18/14 Livingston, MT

"Got it done."
    -Dave J. 07/18/14 Bozeman, MT

"Charles has been very accommodating and personable. The buying process has been easy."
    - Stan C. 07/17/14 Livingston, MT

"Very helpful and efficient, very satisfied"
    -Stacy M. 07/16/14 Belgrade, MT

"Great help and friendly"
    - Johnny G. 07/16/14  Three Forks, MT

"Very good"
    -Gwen W. 07/15/14 Livingston, MT

    -Kelly M. 07/15/14 Belgrade, MT

"Very good, Jackie was very up front with all details, more so than other Ram dealers"
    - William R. 07/14/14 Bozeman, MT

"It was great as always, But i want a family discount"
    -Gerald P. 07/14/14 Livingston, MT

"It was the only dealership that I felt good after dealing with all else I felt pushed around"
    - Tom F. 07/14/14 Belgrade, MT

"Experience was great, no complaints"
    - Chance C. 07/14/14 Bozeman, MT

"Friendly staff, fair price"
    - Terry P. 07/12/14 Livingston, MT
    - Drew S. 07/08/14 Livingston, MT

"Friendly staff, very helpful, great service!!!"
      - Jessica W. 07/01/14 Big Timber, MT

"We felt like they did everything in their power to help us, and most importantly no one was pushy!"
    - Clint K. 07/01/14 Big Timber, MT
     -Sharon C. 7/2/14 Livingston, MT
"Very easy to purchase, with friendly and knowledgeable staff"
    -Michael C. 7/7/14 Bozeman, MT
"Wonderful experience working with Tim - he actually listened to me!"
                -Lorrie S. 7/14/14 Belgrade, MT

"Great, Bryan is great to work with"
                -Buffalo Restoration 6/30/14 Bozeman, MT
"Wonderful! Charles was great! Very knowledgeable and helpful. Jessica was also awesome! Thank you!"
                -Catherine A. 6/14/14 Belgrade, MT
"Not bad, no high pressure - Thanks!"
                -Matt B. 6/13/14 Livingston, MT
"Very enjoyable!!! Jessica & Tim rock! Give them a raise!"
                -Leslie M 6/16/14 Big Timber, MT
"They worked with me to get into a nice car and were very helpful and understanding"
                -Katelyn G. 6/17/14 Belgrade, MT                    
"My experience was pleasant. The salesman was very knowledgeable."
                -Greg B. 6/27/14 Livingston, MT
"Excellent - Charles was great"
                -Dixie H. 6/20/14 Livingston, MT
                -Scott N. 7/7/14 Livingston, MT
"Very easy! Very friendly! Thank you!"
                -Ed R. 6/18/14 Manhattan, MT
"All went well! Thank you!"
                -Judith E. 6/16/14
"Very good"
                -Scott C. 6/20/14 Three Forks, MT
                -Charlotte Z. 6/17/14 Livingston, MT
-Jason W. 6/29/14 Three Forks, MT
                -Clifford L. 6/18/14 Livingston, MT
"Very satisfied"
                -June D. 6/30/14 Three Forks, MT
"My experience was great, Buck and the staff went out of their way to get the vehicle wanted"
                -Rich W. 6/27/14 Manhattan, MT
                -Wayne A. 6/28/14 Belgrade, MT
"Great/ Friend/ and very honest with you about actual value on vehicles"
                -Douglas C. 6/20/14 Laurel, MT
"'Buying experience was great. Jessica and Jordan are awesome. Thanks J "
                -Miriam G. 6/20/14 Livingston, MT
"Great Simple, laid back"
                -Erik S. 6/16/14 Bozeman, MT
                -Jesse S. 6/23/14 Terry, MT
"Very customer friendly"
                -Jodey D. 6/24/14 Big Timber, MT
"It was great"
                -Dawn H. 6/27/14 Livingston, MT
"Very good. Thanks"
                -Lynette S. 6/19/14 Bozeman, MT

"Not bad, no high pressure - Thanks!"
    - Matt B. 6/13/14 Livingston, MT

"Very enjoyable!!! Jessica and Tim rock. Give them a raise!"
    - Leslie M. 6/16/14 Big Timber, MT

"They worked with me to get into a nice car and were very helpful and understanding"
    - Katelyn G. 6/17/14 Belgrade, MT

"Excellent - Charles was great!"
    - Dixie H. 6/20/14 Livingston, MT

"Great/ Friendly/ and very honest with you about actual value on vehicles"
    - Douglas C. 6/20/14 Laurel, MT

"Buying experience was great. Jessica and Jordan are awesome! Thanks! :) "
    - Miriam G. 6/20/14 Livingston, MT

"My experience was pleasant. The salesman was very knowledgeable"
    - Greg B. 6/24/14 Livingston, MT

"My experience was great, Buck and the staff went out of their way to get us the vehicle we wanted."
    - Rich W. 6/27/14 Manhattan, MT 

    - Wayne A. 6/28/14 Belgrade, MT

"Very satisfied"
    - June D. 6/30/14 Three Forks, MT

"Wonderful experience working with Tim - he actually listened to me!"
    - Lorrie S. 6/14/14 Belgrade, MT

"Wonderful! Charles was great! Very knowledgeable and helpful. Jessica was also awesome! Thank you!" 
    -Catherine A. 6/14/14 Belgrade, MT

" Good"
    - Clifford L. 6/18/14 Livingston, MT

"Very easy! Very friendly! Thank you!"
    - Ed Royce 6/18/14 Manhattan, MT

    - Charlotte Z. 6/17/14 Livingston, MT

"Very good!"
    - Scott C. 6/20/14 Three Forks, MT

"All went well! Thank you!"
    - Judith E. 6/16/14 

Jason W. 6/19/14 Three Forks, MT

"Very quick, no hassle and easy!"
    - Dustin J. 6/10/14 Livingston, MT

    - Greg M. 6/6/14 Chinook, MT 

"Excellent would buy from again!"
    - Travis M. 5/19/14 Belgrade, MT

"Wonderful! :) Very friendly people to work with and honest!!"
    - Courtney C. 5/3/14 Livingston, MT

"Great job!!"
    - Mark H. 6/3/14 Livingston MT

"Bryan was great in working hard to find me the right vehicle"
    - Sarah C. 6/6/14 Livingston

"Very easy, no pressure. I purchased when I was ready. Tim was easy to work with"
- Vincent F. 6/3/14 Three Forks, MT

"100% okay"
- Clarice H, 06/05/14 Livingston, MT

"Great. Hassle free. Did not try to sell what I didn't want"
    -Shawna G. 6/4/14 Livingston, MT

- Kim C. 6/3/14 Springdale, MT

"Very easy, no pressure. I purchased when I was ready. Tim was easy to work with"
    -Vincent F. 06/03/14 Three Forks, MT

    - Kim C. 06/03/14 Springdale, MT

    - Guy G. 06/03/14 Pray, MT

"Great. Hassle free. Did not try to sell what I didn't want"
    - Shawna G. 06/04/14 Livingston, MT

"100% okay"
    -Clauce H. 06/05/14 Livingston, MT

    - Jenny F. 06/06/14 Belgrade, MT

"Bryan was great in working hard to find me the right vehicle"
    - Sarah C. 06/06/14 Livingston, MT

    - Greg M. 06/06/214 Chinook, MT

"Very quick, no hassle and easy."
    - Dustin J. 06/10/14 Livingston, MT

-Guy G. 6/3/14 Pray, MT

"Tim was extremely helpful and everyone was very nice!!"
    -Charles S. 05/20/14 Bozeman, MT
"Great! Everyone was very friendly and helpful. It was a much better experience than previous car shopping trips"
    -Heidi S. 5/28/14 Bozeman, MT

" Great! Everyone was very friendly and helpful. It was a much better experience than previous car shopping trips."
    -Heidi S, 5/28/14 Bozeman, MT

"Tim was extremely helpful and everyone was very nice!"
- Charles S. 5/20/14 Bozeman, MT
"Very easy. Thanks!"
- Tim P. 5/31/14 Billings, MT

"Excellent, helpful, more than fair"
- Mike A. 6/2/14 Pray, MT
"Jessica and Brian were outstanding"
    - Don S. 5/17/14 Emigrant, MT

"It was fast and friendly"
    - Cole R. 5/16/14 Three Forks, MT
    - Carol H. 5/12/14 Livingston, MT

" Awesome! Bryan was very friendly and helpful!"    
    - Brady N. 5/12/14 Dillon, MT

"Very good friendly not arrogant staff. Big thing in my book!"
    - Kiley L. 5/9/14

"All was great, thank you :) "
    - Brad G. 5/8/14 

"Easy and Confident"
    - Kandi S. 5/7/14 Big Timber

"Was bumpy at first but worked out great thanks (George) female"
    - Timothy A. 5/3/14 Livingston, MT

    - Jasmine P. 5/2/14 Livingston, MT

"Jessica made a bad experience good"
    - David T. 5/1/14 Creston, MT

" Very good experience that is why I am a repeat customer"
    - Davis B 5/1/14 Big Timber 5/1/14

"Selection was great. Service has been very efficient and accommodating. very prompt and flexible with our lifestyle and schedules. Thank you!"
    - Lu G.5/14/14 Belgrade, MT

"It was great"
    - Melody W. 4/30/14 Bozeman, MT

"It is always great dealing with your staff who is helpful, courteous, and very knowledgeable."
    - Mike N. 4/30/14 Park CIty, MT

    Jason W. 3/28/14 Livingston,MT

    Stacy J. 3/25/14 Livingston,MT

    Jan M. 3/24/14 Livingston,MT

" A couple of our old-timer friends told us not to overlook Yellowstone Motors, saying the service and prices are unbeatable. So you can thank David R and Bruce M for our visit to your showroom, where Jeremiah's friendly no-pressure approach eventually sealed the deal. Also, i researched what the Prius might be worth as a trade-in and i hoped we might get $4,000, which is exactly what you appraised it for. Wow. Thanks!
    Owen D. 3/24/14 Emigrant,MT

"Awesome! Bryan and Jessica are great to work with."
    Justin C. 3/24/14 Livingston,MT

"Very helpful staff, very pleased."
    Scott K. 3/22/14 Bozeman,MT 

"Jeff was great!"
    Michael H. 3/21/14 Manhattan,MT

"Professional & prompt."
    Christopher Y. 3/21/14 Bozeman,MT

"It went very well. Easy." 
    Chris W. 3/21/14 Bozeman,MT

"Very good."
    Shelby C. 3/21/14 Gardiner,MT 

"Super pleased by the total buying experience very professional, and friendly."
    John H. 3/15/14 Livingston,MT

"Jeff,Jackie, and the whole staff was great!"
    Kelly & Al B. 3/15/14 YNP,WY

"Excellent service."
    Coty H. 3/14/14 Bozeman,MT 

"Your sales and service staff are "Top Notch". They are always friendly and extremely helpful. It would be tough to buy elsewhere!"
    Rusty M. 3/12/14 Livingston,MT

"Very good would like to be back." 
    Eric B. 3/11/14 Bozeman,MT 

"I had a great buying experience with Jordan and Jessica, both were very friendly."
  Betty G. 3/10/14 Bozeman,MT

"It was fantastic!" 
    Cassidy V. 3/7/14 Livingston,MT  

"My buying experience was good!"
    Pamela & Drew C.  3/5/14 Gallatin Gateway, MT

"It was great!"
    Cremer Ranches 3/5/14 Melville,MT

    Thom M.3/1/14 Livingston,MT

"It was very smooth, and helpful."
    Max B. 2/28/14 Livingston,MT

"I had a very good experience. Everyone worked with us and was very friendly, made us feel at home!"
    Brittany H. 2/24/14 Bozeman,MT

"Great and fantastic."
    Renee S. 2/26/14 Livingston,MT

    Christy T. 2/26/14 Livingston,MT

"The buying experience was awesome. Jackie was great! No pressure...very relaxed."
    James M. 2/22/14 Big Timber,MT

"This has been by far the best experience of our lives! Thank you Jeremiah and Jackie!!"
    Desiree C. 2/22/14 Belgrade,MT

"It was a good experience."
    Chris M. 2/21/14 Whitehall,MT

    Nelz W. 2/21/14

"Very professional, friendly, and helpful." 
    Marcia B. 2/20/14 Gardiner,MT

"Great experience buying our truck, will recommend you guys to family and friends."
    2/18/14 Bozeman,MT

"Very hassle free."
    Christopher H. 2/15/14 Bozeman,MT 

"It was good."
    Chris F. 2/14/14 Bozeman,MT

"Excellent. Jordan was extremely helpful and accommodating and Jackie was fast,efficient and professional."
    Mark A. 2/11/14 Bozeman,MT

    Brett J. 2/11/14 Livingston,MT

    Tamara C. 2/7/14 Gardiner,MT

"Very Pleasant."
    David B 2/6/14 Livingston,MT 

"It was awesome for my first time!" 
    Shay O. 1/31/14 Livingston,MT 

 Valee C. 1/31/14 Billings,MT

"Heard the radio, and lived here for years. Known of this place, but not until did i have the need to buy."
    Marty G. 1/27/14 Livingston,MT

"It was great, definitely worth the drive."
    Wyatt S. 1/25/14 Manhattan, MT
"Great atmosphere,easy transaction, easy to work with. Thanks!"
    Dawn T. 1/24/14 Livingston,MT

"Very good." 
    Lee L. 1/23/14 Big Timber, MT

"Great,fast, and simple."
    Alex G. 1/23/14 Livingston,MT

"Very good."
    Lance M. 1/23/14 Roberts,MT

"Bryan was great. I appreciate his time.
    Heather N. 1/21/14 Livingston,MT

"Great thank you. We plan on doing business here for now on. Thanks"
    Brett G. 1/18/14 Buffalo,WY

"Great and very painless"
    Justin C. 1/18/14

"Bought one truck, next week started looking for a new truck because i didn't even get 1,000 miles and i needed more power, and got a different truck!"
    David H. 1/17/14 Livingston,MT

    George S. 1/17/14 Livingston,MT 

"Very good. Treated with respect, thanks."
    Darold B. 1/13/14 Livingston,MT     

"Very nice."
    Lynda S. 1/11/14 Bozeman,MT

    Alec S. 1/8/14 Gardiner,MT

"Buying experience was great! Everybody was friendly and very helpful!" 
    Casey O. 1/3/14 Livingston,MT

"Everything was handled very professionally. Great job." 
    David M. 1/2/14 Livingston,MT

"Excellent service"
    Justin A. 1/2/14 Big Timber,MT

"Good experience, treated very well."
    Lavern P. 12/31/13 Livingston,MT

    Al W. 12/31/13 Livingston,MT

"It was excellent! Everyone was very cheery and pleasant, very nice experience."
    Rosalie L. 12/31/13 Bozeman,MT

    Jason H. 12/30/13 Belgrade,MT

"Great. Very easy."
    Matt M. 12/28/13 Livingston,MT

"My buying experience was great!"
    Drew C. 12/28/13 Gallatin Gateway,MT

    Meryl T. 12/27/13 Bozeman,MT

"Great as usual!" 
    Kathleen C. 12/26/13 Livingston,MT

"Great deals and good people." 
    Dane B. 12/26/13 Livingston,MT

    Brandon K. 12/23/13 Big Timber,MT

"My experiences are always a pleasure for me. I learn something new each and every time. Best dealership in Montana." 
    James B. 12/17/13 Livingston,MT

"Very smooth, friendly, and helpful"
    Nikki H 12/1713 Livingston,MT

"It was great, quick, efficient, and hassle free." 
    - Reid S. 12/16/13 Bozeman, MT

"Always great, great staff!"
    -Randolph C. 12/13/13 Livingston,MT

    - Yoshi N. 12/6/13 Gardiner, MT

    - Geoff W. 12/2/13 Big Timber, MT

    - Anthony M. 11/29/13 Three Forks, MT

"We like the no hassle buying! With good price"
    - Dennis E. 11/27/13 

"Killer. Brian was absolutely amazing"
    - Kyle F. 11/23/13 Emigrant, MT

"Logan + Jessica were fantastic"
    - Mark M. 11/23/13 Manahttan MT

    - Jason K. 11/23/13 Livingston, MT

"Very friendly and easy. Great experience"  
    - Cash Y. 10/26/13 Deer Lodge,MT

"Buying experience was good. Staff was very friendly and good to work with" 
   - Donald S. 10/30/13 Clyde Park, MT

"So far i am pleased with my overall experience." 
    - Scott S. 11/6/13 Bozeman,MT

    - Chad S. 11/12/13 Big Timber,MT

"Very professional." 
    - Roger N. 11/12/13 Livingston,MT 

"Good experience, I really appreciate the salesmen are not pushing vehicles down your throat".
    - Aubrae A.

"Very interesting. Logan was great"
    - Kenneth W.

    - Don C.

"Straight forward and easy"
    - Matthew K.

"Really great! Jeff was a breeze to work with and was very patient through the whole process. Entire office is really friendly and i'd come back again!"
    - Tanya S.
"It was amazing"
    - Marissa H.

"I like these people"
    - Tom C.

    - Bradley H.

"Nice experience"
    - Leta N.

    - Sarah N.

"Jeremiah was wonderful  to work with"
    - Margaret M.

"Experience was very pleasing, Jeremiah helped me out a lot"
    - Sam C.

"It was great, Jeremiah went above and beyond for me and i appreciate that very much YCM is a 10"
    - Mike P.

"Pretty good, Jeremiah was helpful & patient to get the right truck for us- Thank you for the ice cream and t-shirt"
    - William M.

     - Amber B.

"Very nice experience"
    - Paula K.

    - John P.

    - Jenn G.

"Very pleasant experience Jessica was GREAT to work with"
    - Chad M.

    - Kent B.

"My experience was well beyond and above my expectations"
    - Bob L.

"Jackie was amazing and worked so hard for us and Jessica made this experience painless! Wonderful!!"
    - Sharon M.

    - Brian H.

    - Jenifer C.

"Friendly sales person (Logan)"
    - Thomas P.

"Up Front Pricing ( No beating around the bush)"
    - Josh G.

"Very Good"
    - Levi R.

"Everyone was very helpful, kind, and honest. Thank you"
    - Kelly M.

"Logan was very easy to deal with. Let me work with my time frame, very good to do business with"
    - David J.

"Low Key, Low Pressure."
    - J. 

"Everyone was great- Mick was awesome- Even the Wells Fargo lady was very nice!"
    - Aaron L. 

    - Dwayne S.

"The whole buying experience was excellent both Logan and Jessica were great - They were both very helpful"
    - James B.

"Amazing!  The treatment we received was great and I appreciate all the help- I really felt like this was a safe place to do business and felt well taken care of"
    - Jania J. 

"Jessica was amazing =)"
    - Erica H.

"Great, Thanks Logan"
    - Jennifer R.

    - Richard S.

"Quick and easy."
    - Destry B.

"It was fast and easy and they worked hard to get me into a vehicle"
    - Buddy H.

"Everything was great!"
    - Cody B.

"Mick was easy to deal with and made our buying experience a pleasure!"
    - Corina J.

"Fast and Painless"
    - Crystal T.

"It was a great experience and everyone was very awesome to work with on buying a new car -- or new to me"
    - Matthew H.

"My buying experience was LOW pressure/Hassle-free. Mick was perfect in any way. He was here to help ME and not trying to get me into what i didn't want. Overall my experience was law and comfortable. BEST buying experience I have ever had. Tis is my 6th vehicle purchased from a dealer. Becase of Mick i will not shop anywhere else but here. By the way, I have 3 kids. The oldest will be looking for a car within 2 years (she's 14). I will be back! Thanks
    - Josh L.

"Fast and friendly service. Will definitely come back to buy another vehicle"
    - Patrick R.

"I am pleased with the service."
    - Craig D.

"Perfect - Great Staff!!!"
    - Kara B.

"Buying experience was great. Mick was very helpful and puts the customer first and makes things work as best as he can for the customer"
    - Stuart S.

    - Angel S.

"Excellent, No hassles, just easy buying"
    - Matthew T.

"Very good"
    - Bonnie F.

    - Dennis S.

"Staff was extremely helpful and friendly. They made me feel important and treated me very well. I would recommend many friends and family to come here."
    - Laura S.

"Great as usual - Thank you!!"
    - Jessica S.

    - Arnold R.

"Excellent as always!"
    - Collin F.

"It was great. I was treated respectfully right off the bat. Will recommend your dealership to others"
    - Ron S.

"Great, Thank you!"
     - Lance P.

    -  Jack H.

"Absolutely Outstanding"
    - Julie T.

"It was good"
    - Josh J.

"Better than last time! (Finance)"
    - Angel S.

"That sucker is ugly! (The truck and Jeff) Great customer service!"
    - Hank F.

    - Becky W.

"Mr. Phillips was very helpful and easy to deal with, many thanks"
    - Pamela D.

"Mick Phillips was very helpful, patient and willing to work with me on the whole process"
    - Michael N

"I had fun buying here and it was easy to understand everyone."
    - Lacy M. 

"Just super service"
    - Robert R.

"Very Good"
    - Jerry D.

"Very good to work with. Love and trust service department as well, based on past experience"
    - Benny and Debbie K.

""Very Good"
    - Ansel L.

"Excellent customer service from Brady (used car manager) to Adam (sales) to Jessica! And service department was wonderful also."
    - Karen B.

"I thought it was a fair price for condition of vehicle" 
    - Ray L.

"Logan was great and being patient while we worked through our insurance after our accident"
    - Dan B.

"Very pleasant, thanks!"
    - Alan and Julie D.

"This was pretty easy to find a car that fit my needs, and the sales staff was great!"
    - Shelby H.

"Good. Very nice personable salesman (Matt Person)"
    - Bruce V.

    - Randy J.

"Wonderful, Mick was great to work with"
    - Callie J.
"P.s You owe me lunch"
    - Brian F.

"Good, simple."
    - Mark N.

    - Rick Y

"I was taken care of well by everyone involved -- thanks for the great interest rate!"
    - Kirk S

"Buying experience was easy. Personnel was good to work with"
    - F.S  F.

"I will give great recommendations. Great to work with Mick. Working with Mick to get into my dream vehicle was a pure joy and pleasure! There was no pressure - he was polite, considerate  and very patient. I will recommend this car dealership to family and friends and write a blog on the internet. Many blessings and may god bless you in the years to come."
    - Alexandra H.

"Great time. Very friendly staff. Was willing to watch my son while I test drove"
    - Heather K.

    - Mark G.

"Very Good"
    - John K.

"Excellent, very honest, approachable, easy to do business with"
    - Luis L.

"Wonderful, Jackie went above and beyond the call of duty to "mediate" between us and our cosigners"
    - Mary O.
"Great! Always a great experience"
    - Desirae B.

    - Levi and Vanessa C.

"Was an excellent experience"
    - Dale S.

"Good buying experience"
    - Jessica J.

"Good. Very Helpful in getting this car financed"
    - Destiny S.

"I very much liked my buying experience"
    - Steven M.

"Great customer service"
    - Danielle R.

"This was my first buying experience from a dealer and your staff was friendly and willing to help me in any way to help me feel welcome"
    - Jeremy W.

    - Jason C.

    - Jeff N.

"Great. Logan was awesome. I'll buy all my cars from him and refer every body to him"
    - Cody A.
"Very good, informative, low pressure"
    - Gary D.

    - Jacob H.

"Excellent -- Quick and painless!"
    - Rebecca F.

"Lovely. Everyone was helpful and patient"
    - Sabrina H.

"Very pleasant and helpful"
    - Marjorie M.

"Awesome! They tried to do everything to get the car for me!"
    - Tynishia P.

"Very helpful and courteous. Thank you"
    - Gary M.

"Smooth - Mick was very helpful - answered all of my questions - no problems at all"
    - Kelly S.

"Wonderful. Your mechanic stopped to help me when my old car blew up"
    - Ellen A.

    - Keith B.

"Mick was the only one from 4 different dealerships that even called me back!! He found my perfect car within 24 hours (within my small budget). I would definitely recommend him to friends"
    - Amy O.

    - Jason K.

"Fantastic and helpful"
    - Ryan T.

"Just stopped in for a hotdog."
    - Frank O.

"My mom who lives in Livingston called and Jackie was very helpful and accommodating so we came here from billings to check it 
out :) "
    - Cheryl O.
    - Tara S.

    - Jeff B.

"Very pleasant"
    - Kelley S.

"Excellent. Loved how Logan works. We started out with a different car and had a smooth transition to the vehicle we bought. Thanks!"
    - Olav N.

    - Andrea H.

    - Jim D.

    - Miranda V.

"Great as always"
    - Jim B.

    - Doug K.

    - Kent R.

"Excellent - I always try to buy local - excellent salesman (Brady)"
    - David P.

    - Kenneth D.

"Buy local if possible"
    - Darren R.

"The best experience ever!! Jeff is overworked and underpaid. He really deserves a raise!"
    - Dan and Karlene P.

"This is vehicle #8 for me, from you. I think this has always been a great place to buy and I always get great service"
    - Chris B.

"Good! Friendly!"
    - John V.

"Very nice"
    - Janice B.

"Great all around"
    - Kerry J.

    - Karl K.

    - Matthew B.

"Logan and Jessica were great"
    - Katie R.

"Great, thanks Brady!"
    - Megan M.

"Very good. Everyone is great and helpful"
    - Nicholas J.

"Great, Brady is top notch"
    - Leonard C.

    - John C.

"Excellent. Very friendly service staff"
    - Mike A.

"Good, I am happy with my service here :) " 
    - Alyssa S.

"Always Excellent - Love doing business with you"
    - Margie N.

"Very good"
    - David R.

"Very good! Love not being pressured"
    - James B.

"Logan was good"
    - Douglas W.

"It was great! Very simple"
    - Amanda D.

"So far I have spread the word about how amazing Mick has been"
    - Angela H.

    - Kristy S.

    - Ryan H.

"Extremely good! Just like pushing the "easy" button"
    - Janet F.

    - Bonita C.

"Great!! No Pressure"
    - Tina W.

"Good - non-pressure - friendly"
    - Michelle B.

"Good - thank you!!" 
    - Joannah R. 

    - Bill J.

    - Ashleigh S.

"Excellent - most pain-free vehicle I've ever purchased to date"
    - Eric K.

"Great - Fast"
    - Steve and Kali S.

"Very professional and timely"
    - Morgan B.

"Very, very good, Matt knows his stuff"
    - Howard H.

"Great - knowledgeable, friendly salesman"
    - Charles P.

"Very positive - nice working with Jackie"
    - Terry K.

    - Sylvia M.

    - Bill D.

"She (Jessica) is amazing and very helpful!
    - Erica H. 

"Manny, we had some time so we figured we would challenge your "lowest price guarantee". We went to Bozeman, Billings, and called Butte and everybody wanted us to give them your price so they could beat it. We kept telling them we wanted their best price.Two of them finally gave us a price and they were both higher then your original price.We thought it would be good for you to know your salesman is doing a good job"
    - R. Simmons

"Your salespeople had a high level of integrity and honesty. We will buy there again."
    - S. Ashburn

"We checked your prices on the internet, they were exactly what we were quoted. It's good to know that there is still a dealer we can trust"
    - S. Connors 

"We have bought two used vehicles from you since 1999 and never had any major problems. We will buy from you again."
    - The Armstrong's